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With over 20 years of experience in real estate and an accolade of industry awards to his name, Mat Steinwede is one of the most high-profile real estate agents in the country and the #1 selling agent in the breeding ground of blue ribbon agents – McGrath.

Mat Steinwede

Mat’s rise to success is only equalled by the startling lows – but they say it is the journey that matters. As a nightclub bouncer in Oxford Street Sydney, Mat’s life was full of temptation and he was soon immersed in the Sydney underworld scene – battling addiction, debt and homelessness. He escaped the big city lights to the anonymity of the Central Coast of NSW, where he spent 9 months bunkered down, hiding from himself and his demons.

After some soul-searching, Mat took the first step toward turning his life around, with the choice to pursue a career in real estate. Knocked back by more than one agency, he finally forced his foot through the door of someone who could see his potential, and wearing borrowed clothes, with no car and warrants out for his arrest, he walked the streets, door knocking in search of properties to sell.

Ten months into his real estate career, Mat turned himself into the police. He was spared gaol, but sentenced to serve a lengthy term of community service.

But failure is not what defines Mat Steinwede. On the contrary. It lit a spark, fuelled a fire and fed a need to be something more. Mat made a commitment to himself…. to become the No.1 real estate agent in Australia.

Fast forward to 2018, Mat and his business partner are co-principals of five strategically-positioned McGrath real estate offices on the Central Coast of NSW. And in addition to being titled the #1 McGrath agent in Australia, Mat’s intense passion to help others in the industry, coupled with his instinct for entrepreneurship, has resulted in a thriving organisation that offers motivational speaking, real estate mentoring and now, the revolutionary Agent School program.

Mat Steinwede

From turbulent beginnings to a total reclamation of his life, Mat’s story paints a remarkable journey of total transformation, an unflagging commitment both to himself and to the people with whom he works and a continued drive to success – success he is committed to sharing by creating a new generation of dedicated and empowered agents.

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